BLM bias

“So, get a t-shirt that says Black Lives Matter and say you are protesting and you can go out without a mask because CNN has confirmed as along as you protest, you will not get the virus.” – Martin Armstrong

Exactly. You are not a risk only for BLM, but if you protest for anything else, you are a rogue individual and arrest you.

Anyone remember this mom who got arrested for letting her kids play at the park?

or the art gallery owner who called her business essential then found police at her front door closing her down:

but CHAZ was ok?


Marty, you predicted all of this mess, but what is the solution? or is this just a freight train that you cannot avoid? is there no where safe to go? Not everyone wants to live on a beach in St. Pete. I for one, prefer a garden or a farm. Is there anywhere else good to live? Texas? or do you advise leaving the U.S.? 13 years from 9/11/2001 was big bang, that was a pi cycle. Another 13 years makes about 2028. what happens then?


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