3.3 Million File Unemployment Claims as Economy Comes Apart

“Coronavirus: Santa Clara County could see 2,000 deaths in 12 weeks, official says”, reads a headline on the Mercurynews.com, a leading Silicon Valley news source. They only just try to scare people, but do not write about the death in self-respect that comes with earning a living, the death of security, the death of have a home, the death of family, the death of peace of mind, the death of freedom, the death of so many things that comes with jobs lost. Many more people have experienced the death of their job, where is the news about that?

Talk about the emotional distress that so many people are going through because they have lost their jobs due to this government imposed shut-down. Their children are experiencing emotional distress too. Marriages may break up because of this.

3.3 million lives disrupted and lost.


Answers to your Questions

Hi Folks,

I have gotten a couple of inquiries asking whether I analyze Martin Armstrong’s Socrates arrays. The answer is No.

That would be a copyright infringement to post anyone else’s work on my site.

I do not subscribe to Martin Armstrong’s private blog, nor do I subscribe to any of his paid services such as Socrates. I have attended two conferences, but I do not think I intend to attend another. I sometimes read his public blog. I put a link up to his site because I respect the man’s work, just as I have put links up to Tony Caldero on Elliot Wave, and Stefanie Kammerman on block trading, because I respect all of these people’s work. But beyond that…

My work and analysis I write about is proprietary and entirely my own.