Fake Governments

It seems to me that the more fake governments become (the U.S. government is a prime example) the more it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to offer the marketplace something real, something tangible, something not fake.

That vaccines provide fake immunity, is becoming something of a test of cognition. When someone tells me that they have gotten vaccinated, or have refused the vaccine it provides me a great deal of information about that person and how I approach dealing with that person and conducting business with that person.

In my opinion, it seems, that whether you have gotten the fake vax has become perhaps a currency in a way. If you have gotten vaxxed, does that make you a fake believer unless you can offer something else real?

As long as the passions of people do not ever change, and remain the same throughout history. As long as there are people, there will be something for entrepreneurs to offer the marketplace. Methods of payment may change, currencies may change, but the goods and services that the passions of people need, want, desire, and dictate will probably always exist.