“Nothing Lasts Forever”

“[It] is simply our turn for we are dying also from within as was the fall of Rome. The internal corruption has eaten away at our pillars of justice to where justice exists no more.” -Martin Armstrong

Everyone needs to read Armstrong’s latest report: “2032 The Revolution Cycle”. So interesting.

“The majestic power with its forum the site of the footsteps of so many kings paying homage to Rome and her emperors, the seats of power and the bleachers of the senators, were all overgrown with weeds and became the feeding grounds once again for cattle and snakes slithering through the marsh. How did this great and most formidable one-world government come to an end? Its monuments had been toppled, lying on the ground like dead giants from long ago. The rudder held in one hand by Fortuna had changed direction and indeed the mighty had fallen. In one arm she could offer the cornucopia of glory and wealth, and with the other, wipe out your future.”

Hopefully we can find a place to rest our minds and place for peace as we travel on this inevitable journey. Through it all we must always remember there is a higher law, a more profound purpose, and that is love.

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