Mikovitz: The Antidote

Judy Mikovitz on the Antitidote Part 2: From the interview posted at http://www.academyofdk.com.

There is a claim that Luc Montaignier said there is no hope for those who have already been vaccinated. A claim that he said “We must be prepared to cremate the bodies. They will all die from the Antibody Dependant Enhancement. Nothing more can be said.”

Mikovitz said that does not sound like Montaignier. No scientist can say “all” “any” and “cremate” because you don’t want to cremate them but you want to understand how they die. If you cremate them then you cannot understand how they died.

These things that are being attributed to Montaignier are lies. These are misrepresentations of what he said.

According to Mikovitz: there is absolutely plenty of hope and there are things we can do. Fauci release ebola on Sierra Leone in order to cover up William Thompson’s whistleblowing at the CDC that African-Americans more likely to get autism from vaccines.

None of us have ever made scientific statements like that. And the last thing you want to do is cremate the evidence. The viro cells are monkey cells.

Montaignier is a man of integrity and a man of science and we can absolutely prevent these injuries. Think of HCQ, think of ivermectin. “For Life” by Kent _____ (book).

“Plague of Corruption”, book. We knew what Fauci would perpetrate on this world, because they did it before. As you’ve seen in documentary “Plandemic”. Forcing the mandate, driving the disease with censorship and lies. The single most important thing that anyone needs to do right now and forever, is never again get another vaccinate. The most heavily vaccinated ones will be the ones most injured.

HIV never caused aids. Without the retrovirus, you heal the disease. What is SARS cov2, but a

Covid is a weaponized HIV-XMRV weaponized envelope that is syncictin. In the spike protein, you put the three deadliest plagues in that virus.

There is a reason why the Chinese in Wuhan didn’t order the cell line. American Type Tissue Laboratories – contractors by government required to keep clean cell lines.

We cured AIDS. We stopped Tony Fauci then and the cabal of drugs. Robert Gallow, and Fauci corrupted that.

A retrovirus must grow in a cell. The spike protein alone causes the disease. So now you have a weaponized spike protein that has HIV, XMRV, and SARS in a single virus and every cell in the body is going to manufacture that. No matter how bad that it is that 100s of millions of people have been injected, we can fix that, but Don’t get another shot and they are all working together to disregulate.

Don’t get these flu shots. Don’t wear the mask. Those drove the disease called covid.

30% more likely to get covid with the flu shot because there are coronaviruses in the flu shot. there are 7 circulating coronaviruses in nature.

It is the cell line that is the toxin. Any vaccine that people have gotten have these contaminants. They crippled the immune response. Kids have been heavily vaccinated. The most important thing is never get another shot. Don’t be GMO. This virus disregulates our genome. the RNA do go into the nucleus.

That’s why I said Suramin. Suramin does not come from Pine Needles. Suramin is a synthetic drug made to respond to a worm. Trypan-Blue stains cell membranes, which stops the transcription of a retrovirus. No, Suramin doesn’t come from Pine Needles.

Picnogenol (sp?)- that is a natural product that comes from Pine Bark. There are natural products. We can use the Type-1 interferon pathway. The antibodies are deadly. When you inject and when you avoid the innate immune response, you bypass the process in your bodies that make type-1 interferon. Turn off the inflame. It’s the immune response that kills, associated with the disregulated response to the infection.

DMG – dimethylglycine, trimethylglycine called betaine. One way to restore the balance of the immune system is DMG. After you do no more harm. We knew the expression that 4-6% of the country were infected with XMRVs. They were the control group, 4-6%, oh my god where did you get the controls, the blood supply. There is a technology called CEURS, company, that technology cleaned up ebola…cleaned up the blood supply. That company needs to clean up. Red Cross will not take blood from the vaccinated.

None of us cannot do is fear and anger. We do not promote fear and anger. There is hope. There is hope that we can realize health.

RNA in the blood is a danger signal. When you have ATP outside the cell, when you cannot metabolize food, it is a danger signal. It is the cytokine storm that is the disease. They don’t realize we can fix this. Low dose of Suramin. Suramin has a half life of 60-days, 2 months. You need a drop every two months. These kids started talking again. They kids calm. Anxiety is pain. Melatonin – to get us to detox. If you don’t sleep you can’t heal.

We cured AIDS. We don’t have any more AIDS, do we? What was the drug that worked the best against a simple XMRV? And there was Suramin.

Quercetin, milk thistle. Prevent and heal was health.

With HCQ and ivermectin, they are known to be anti-parasitic drugs and beating the virus. – That’s exactly right, it is not the virus, but what happens to the immune system. the parasite keeps you drive toward a TH2 response.

Use milk thistle to keep your liver healthy.

Loss of smell is an endocannabidoid response.

Cannabanoids. Hemp.

We all have parasite exposures. When you wear the mask you are destroying your innate immune response. People know there are cures, people don’t have to run to the vaccine. There is no emergency. This is the biggest single crime against humanity ever perpetrated since HIV.

Ozone therapy – ozone cream on your skin. AAOT.US. You can find a practitioner in your area. We cannot go and treat ourselves. I cannot treat myself. She got XMRV in a laboratory. I know I will get lung cancer if I wear a mask.

when did this plague of corruption ramp up in 1989 (?) when removed immunity from pharmaceutical vaccines. Your audience needs to wake up. Strengthen your immune system. Get vitamin D, sunshine, light, exercise. Sweat. Use a sauna. Detox through your skin. Cannabis balms. Ozonate the balms and it will degrade the synthetic nanoparticle.

Keep your immune system health. Chicken soup, minerals, keep your water clean. Every single thing you put in your body must be clean. Processed food is loaded with glyphosate. Stephanie Seneff. Dr. Mercola.

Trimethyglycine. We need to keep glyphosate out of our bodies. Eat non-gmo. Organic, organic, organic. Know your farmer, not your doctor.

This is radiation poisoning on some level. AAOT.US – you can find a practitioner in your area. Non-invasive ways. Sauna – ozonated balm. Lavender, tea tree oil, you can diffuse with essential oils. This is not rocket science.

Dr. Mercola. Dr. Frank Shallenberger. We can fix it with this natural methods.

Disease is associated with the disregulated immune response.

This is a eugenics program that has gone on for hundreds of year. Have confidence in God.

melatonin, dmg, tmg, b-vitamins, camel hump fat – can put in a balm form back of the neck, cannabis, those nano bodies will go right into your brain –

There is no question that those lipid nanoparticles shed from the vaccinated, but if you are healthy our immune system is mopping it up. Ivermectin, HCQ, all the things we are doing. You know there is an antidote. We have solutions.

The best way is to say I am nobody’s fool again.

Glutathione. Type-1 interferon.

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