Judy Mikovitz on the Antidote

Watched a 1.5 hr interview with Judy Mikovitz on http://www.academyofdk.com on her insights on antidotes to mRNA. You have to have a paid membership to watch the full interview, but here are my notes from the interview.


We are in an age of corruption, Mikovitz said, one of many that has occurred throughout history.

“Science for Sale”, medicine works for the best interest of the company’s stock price, rather than working to heal and end suffering which is in the best interest of the health of the individual, she said.

We need to take down the FDA and CDC. Get rid of Fauci. Clean house. It is at the level of the scientific journals too. “Science” the journal, “Nature” the journal, are the gatekeepers, she said.

We need honest journalists, she said. They are going to stop you from practicing, she said. Our careers don’t advance if you don’t publish in the journals, she said. It is about mind control and controlling the message, she said. “Science” manipulated her research papers. They wanted her to deny the existence of “XMRV”. XMRV and HIV travel together and cause death.

What does your data show about the injection shedding? (Cjab = injection). We don’t have any data, Mikovitz said, because the data are being hidden. We are seeing people who are not being inoculated, especially in women, who are experiencing strange things happening to their menstrual cycles, etc. You are experiencing, syncytin – a silent retrovirus.

Animals have syncytin. Our viral vaccines are grown in animal cells. You are injecting another animal’s syncytin into a human being, especially a young woman because they express syncytin. The expression of the envelope alone. Proteins and viral envelopes stick together. Why? because the genome of a virus, like Sars Cov-2 is an envelope virus.

Key parts to our DNA is the syncytin. The expression of syncytin in the brain in the spinal chord is multiple sclerosis. Blood clot, tumor formation is expression of the animal syncytin…(?). When you change a person’s gene via the injection you wake up other viruses and people start shedding other viruses. We see people getting shingles after the injection because the injection is waking up other viruses.

The disregulation of the genome, you made every cell in a body a potential pathogenic cell because you changed God’s regulation of that cell. You made a synthetic nano-particle. Nano can go everywhere in the body.

We are not God and we can’t manipulate that and bad things happen when you do.

Pathogenic priming, bypassed innate immune response. Will miss the broad spectrum antibody response.

You have already been exposed to dozens of coronaviruses. Common cold is a coronavirus.

Pathogenic priming cause people to get stuck in an inflammatory response. They can’t turn off the switch.

You do not want to give the injection to anyone who already has inflammation.

Terrain theory v germ theory.

There is no such thing as asymptomatic spread. The mask depletes your glutathione.

Do you know of any way to heal yourself from the current injection?

There is an antidote. One of them is called dimethylglycine. Tracy Stroup – naturopathic doctor. Dimethylglycine. Mineral deficiencies – zinc and natural berberine, quercetine, elderberry – things that bring zinc and minerals into the cell. Magnesium. cannabinoids are another solution. if you can keep yourself strong and everything strong, the rna won’t be able to butt out of that cell. what has to happen? calm the terrain. HCQ and ivermectin. The most important antidote. ionophores are going to bring in the zinc. Magnesium. dimethyglycine silence demethylation. Silences the expression of the virus – dimethylglycine. It is the expression, the regulate the expression of the gene. DNA methylation is hurt by mineral deficiencies. Esodenocell – acquired in our diet. DMG. Dimethyglycine – will get your methyl donor.

Last component in the danger signal response is Suramin. it’s a 100 year old essential medicine for African sleeping sickness.

Suramin has a half-life of 60 days. Can inoculate the tiniest amount of Suramin – it stops gamma-retroviruses. cures autism.


Suramin never made it to market. It works against XMRV. Low dose of Suramin stops the expression of syncytin. Low doses. Ivermectin, HCQ, DMG. elderberry. keep your liver functioning. Don’t overload with toxins. Keep your liver clean.

Disease is accelerated aging.

The key to the detox is Suramin.

Manuka honey.

drx.md. Dr X has put together some fabulous protocols. The same things that heal covid inflammation are going to help the vaccine injury. But at the heart of it all is Suramin. Suramin has to turn off that fire.

A doctor is going to take the blood of the people who took the vaccine and see if Suramin can stop it. Going to use the PCR to determine if it stops syncytin.

I can’t get hold of any Suramin. But she is advising that doctor who is doing the experiment. The manufacturer is not sending the stuff because it got lost. Bayer and Monsanto own Suramin. Fauci has all of this. We got way too close to the truth. You see they gotta do this quick. Everyone’s gotta get the vaccine. They’ve got to get everybody expressing the syncytin. I know they know the antidote. They are not stupid. There are hot lots of vaccines. John Coffin knew. They always fall on their arrogance. They think they are smarter than God.

I know I am not smarter than God. I wrote everything down in notebooks. They almost got away with it.

At the end of the day we can end plague. But it will take everything. Once you know the truth no matter the cost. We will continue to suffer the abuse, you know on the airplanes. At the end of the day we can’t care what other people think about us, at the end the only that matters is what God thinks of us.

This will destroy human beings. Alzheimer’s disease is autism in old people. They are coming after us now. They are blaming it on the victim.

We have to wake everybody up to see this. Online, en mass. Keep telling the story. Keep speaking in truth and love. And present it with data.

I think Suramin could answer this question in the laboratory. They just took this away from us, because my big mouth is getting us in trouble. But It is synthetic, but it is not in patent. Just make it.

I am telling everyone.

Masks don’t save lives. It’s the isolation. They are trying to isolate us, the lockdowns. We need to stop doing what they are telling us. There are honest good journalists out there. Del Bigtree, Children’s Health Defense. Clay Clayton. All of us together.

2 thoughts on “Judy Mikovitz on the Antidote

  1. I need help with COPD and the vascular system I’m sure there are somethings out there to help with these. Can you help me please.


    • See mmstestimonials.com for grateful peoples testimonies on treating copd and virtually all sicknesses. Also see Dr Andreas Kalcker (andreaskalcker.com/en/cds-clo2.html). Mms; cds; HCQ all work in a similar way.


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