Detox from mRNA

Stop C-jab mRNA from Replicating

If you get exposed to someone who voluntarily poisoned themselves with the C-jab, and they shed mRNA on you and it gets into your body, the best way I can think of to protect yourself right now is probably intravenous vitamin-c, and perhaps apo-lactoferrin which I read stops the mRNA from replicating. Hopefully that is true. So little is known right now and more research needs to be done.

Legal Matters

Also came across this interesting web site. Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

I’m in the Control Group

If you get asked whether you have gotten the poison C-jab, read one person’s response. “So funny, I have been telling people who ask me, “have you gotten your vaccine yet?”…. I reply, “No, I’m in the control group.  We will be comparing notes in one year as to who did better, those who got the shot and those who didn’t.” 

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