WHO admits Polio Vaccine Spreading Polio

Here is a new report out from from WHO. My son has had a couple of shots of the polio vaccine, thus this concerns me directly. In fact, most kids in the United States have had up to four rounds of polio shots.

See the report here published September 1: https://www.who.int/csr/don/01-september-2020-polio-sudan/en/

Obviously, this greatly concerned me and I immediately started researching it. I came across Dr. Paul Marik    www.youtube.com/watch  who found that Intravenous Vitamin C can reverse polio paralyzes if the dose is one hundred thousand mg. over a three day period. He recorded this video back in 2017, which is interesting.

I personally have had great experiences with intravenous vitamin C. I am glad to have found more support for it, and just wanted to share it here. It may come in useful for a potential bubonic plague outbreak.

Maybe I need to start learning how to do intravenous vitamin C at home. Probably not easy.

It is interesting to see how much pushback Operation Warp Speed is seeing now with Trump politicizing the Covid Vaccine. He is turning the majority into anti-vaxxers now. Time to re-release the film Vaxxed now!!! I have been pro-medical choice, Pro-choice on Vaccines, anti-mandatory vaccines for more than a decade! It is time to overturn and revoke the mandatory vaccine laws. 

Perhaps the Supreme Court can revisit Jacobson v. Massachusetts and overrule it. Let us start talking about how if you or a loved one gets injured because you took the Covid Vaccine, you have no legal recourse! The vaccine manufacturer is immune from lawsuit, even if you or your loved one dies!



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