Jacobson v. Massachusetts

Hi folks, just a quick post that I know I have to go back an edit later because it has some typos and grammar errors. Busy day tomorrow, but I will try to come back and edit this to make it a little easier to read:

The Supreme Court case that allowed government to make vaccination mandatory, is Jacobson v. Massachusetts.  Please study this case carefully. According to Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the Supreme ruled that the government can mandate forced vaccinations if the vaccine and situation meets three criteria, which are the following: The vaccine must be 1) “effective” and  2) the “best known way” to treat the disease, and 3) there must be an epidemic. 

We know for a fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates has philanthropically donated billions of dollars to world health vaccine programs. We also know that their foundation is heavily invested in vaccine manufacturing companies. We also have a new report out this month from the Columbia Journalism Review detailing exactly how many different mainstream media outlets Gates has donated to. You can find the full article here: https://www.cjr.org/criticism/gates-foundation-journalism-funding.php  Now we have interesting situation in which Covid deaths do not outpace the number of deaths from the seasonal flu, thus we cannot necessarily claim that Covid-19 is an epidemic. Nonetheless the media blitz did a great job creating a epidemic belief accross the world. We can see that many of the mainstream organizations that led us to believe Covid-19 was a terrible black plaque are the same one the Gates Foundation has donated to. Now what incentive does Bill Gates have in creating so much fear? 

As mentioned he has financial investments in many vaccine companies. He is also a eugenist. Now to get mandatory vaccine laws passed in America, he has to pass the Supreme Court’s test as decided in Jacobson V. Massachusetts. First there needs to be an epidemic. Gates can now check this box since the media has done its job in falsely creating one. Second, the vaccine needs to be effective. We do not yet have an effective vaccine, thus the reason why the media continues the hysteria with the number of cases to buy time for vaccine development. They want to expand testing to prep people for this deadly vaccine. Third the vaccine has to be the “most effective method” to treat Covid. This is probably the reason why the FDA banned hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine in a protocol with zinc and azythromycin is probably the most effective way to treat Covid patients. Yet the FDA banned it. I believe it is because of the qualifications the the Supreme court ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Gates wants mandatory vaccines.

Gates does not want any treatment to compete with vaccines because any successful treatment such as hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azythromycin would cause the vaccine to fail the “best known way” test therefore rendering any mandatory vaccination law illegal. Remember, Gates wanted a monopoly for Microsoft. He is still the same person. He wants a monopoly on Covid treatment, and that is his vaccine. Plus he can kill a bunch of people along the way to reduce the world population, as he is a eugenist. 

Do not get tested folks. Refuse the Covid test. It is a trap. 

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