The FDA Banned HCQ because vaccines make more money for big pharma

The FDA is in on the vaccine cash cow train. I see this massive greedy grab for money, at the expense of the health and freedom of individuals, to push mandatory vaccines across the county. The reason the FDA banned it is because of the reasoning in Jacobson v. Massachusetts where the Supreme Court ruled mandatory vaccination permissible because the the small pox vaccine was “an effective if not the best known way in which to meet and suppress the evils of a smallpox epidemic that imperilled an entire population.”

According to Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the only way government can mandate forced vaccinations is by the 1) “effective” and  2) “best known way” test. If people continue to use hydroxychloroquine (“HCQ”) as part of a Covid-19 protocol and people see what success it has on curing patients, we can argue that the vaccine fails the “best known way” test. The new covid vaccine could also arguably fail the “effective” test as well, which I believe it will once we see how many adverse reactions people start having once they start taking it. 

The real reason the FDA banned HCQ because if doctors widely used HCQ right now the planned vaccine mandate would fail the “best known way” test and the FDA, NIH, Fauci, Gates, and big pharma players would loose billions of dollars. HCQ is a cheap drug. 

To rectify himself for joining the Gates vaccine brothel, Trump needs to issue an emergency use for HCQ immediately. Give people a chance to fight this. If Trump issues an emergency use for HCQ today, I will vote for him in November. 

Mr. Trump, get people to use HCQ, then let people see how well it works. Then we can come off lockdown and everybody can go back to work and play. You have the power to save billions of lives. Make America great again and do the right thing. Once you do it, everyone else will follow. Set an example for the world. Do not let another day go by without letting people have access to HCQ. The world is watching. America needs your help. 

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