Hope is not Yet Lost

I have posted publicly everywhere I possibly can and have time for to get people to see the Wuhan Pool Party video and the Plandemic II documentary: https://plandemicseries.com/. I want people to see Wuhan beat Covid without a vaccine and to have some cognitive dissonance, then weep for themselves, their families, their children, their businesses, their neighborhoods, their friends, their communities, and their countries that are still locked down. I want people to weep, get angry, and then do something about it! But, I feel like giving up though because I am only just one small person. I am sure Google has blacklisted this site making it difficult for people to find me. I need your help. Please repost the video of Wuhan’s pool party and Plandemic II everywhere and send the links to everyone you know. 


Still, I have not lost all hope yet. Today one of my local news outlets actually let me comment get published. Usuallly, my comments are considered so “dangerous” that the other news outlet routinely deletes my posts because it does not fit their narrative. They have given me at least a little bit of hope that a few more people might be on my side near where I live and that I am not alone.

My immediate family does not agree with my views regularly telling me to be careful and wear a mask! My own mother thinks the reason why I am against vaccines is because I had a bad experience. She does not see that it is not just me, but cannot listen to the stories so many vaccine injured people have told.

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