Millie Weaver arrested

I only just learned about Millie Weaver this morning when I read that she was arrested for reasons including “domestic violence”, but curiously the timing comes days before her documentary “ShadowGate” was to be released. The strange thing about the arrest is that Weaver said it herself in a video recording of her arrest that she did not know what was going on. Usually in a domestic violence arrest, the charge is by one spouse against the other, but she clearly had no idea why the police showed up at her door. The domestic violence charge looks politically motivated instead. And both she and her husband were arrested at the same time? Dubious at best. She is a conservative journalist who made a documentary about the algorithms that the U.S. used to manipulate elections in the Middle East, that are now in use in the United States against Americans.

Here is the documentary that I believe she was arrested for. It somehow made it to the public, but you probably will not find this on YouTube? I have only watched part of it.

I care mostly because of the timing of her arrest. As a former journalist, I feel deeply concerned about the dangerous infringement on free speech occurring now in America. Thank God for Brighteon.

Here is an article detailing her arrest.


One thought on “Millie Weaver arrested

  1. Millie was arrested for smashing her mother’s $50 cell phone:

    Ezra Levant continues the GoFundMe for legal defense which is at about $164,000 and growing. Judge ruled the most Millie could lose IF SHE DOES NOT SHOW UP FOR HER COURT DATE is $2,000. Tell me, what type of legal defense fees will Millie incur for smashing a $50 cheapo cell phone?

    Here is a post by her mother on a Fox News Report:

    From YT:
    “This is Millie’s mother … It’s my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohio … because it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done.
    All families have their disagreements…especially during a quarantine…. In Ca nothing happens when you call the police…..I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief , who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset… this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry…makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this.”
    According to Millie, she and her husband threatened to report two cops who’d said they were going to shoot them. They didn’t actually report them formally, but they suspect these cops are the ones that pushed for the grand jury so they’d be arrested for the weekend.
    Or maybe Millie wanted to be arrested to increase publicity for the video re-release after YT took it down?


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