Review of Parasite

“Parasite”. I tried watching the movie this afternoon, and quite frankly, I could not finish it because I no longer wanted to waste my time. As a student of film I saw nothing ground breaking cinematically about it. There was nothing breathtaking about it, not the editing, not the cinematography, not even the story! There was nothing beautiful nor interesting about it. I can only imagine that the only reason why it won an Oscar was because no one else made anything better??? I thought my daughter’s favorite movie, Frozen II, was better than Parasite. Or perhaps it was the title of the film Parasite, given that we are dealing with a virus this year???

I have no idea why this film won an Oscar. I could not even finish watching it. It just looked like a typical Korean downer movie. All Korean movies are just so serious and have a little bit of sick scariness to it. Maybe that’s why it won? I have no clue. I could not finish it. What a waste of money to rent it.

Then onto Black Pink, the K-pop girl group – not sure why that broke the Guiness world record either. Their act looks like a slightly more sophisticated version of what I used to see when I was a teenager…but not much has changed really. Nothing really unique either about it.??? Maybe I am just not hip enough. lol.

But it is interesting that Korean pop culture is really getting popular. Although from what I see, not exactly groundbreaking work, maybe just because of a lack of anything better. Maybe someone can please clue me in.

I thought Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was a much better, much more well-made movie. Cinematically, technically, artistically, set design, costume design, lighting, and story-wise Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was just so much better than Parasite.

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