Find Something to Enjoy


I do not think you would find these in a CHOP zone. It is capitalism, the invisible hand, and the free markets that make these fragrant beauties available to the market to purchase for private use and enjoyment.

I am thankful to be enjoying these today. My life is still many times better than it was for my parents. I remember the stories my mother told us when she was a young girl living through the Korean War when the foreigners bombed Korea to oblivion. She had to hide in underground holes to avoid the planes that came with bombs. There was barely any food. Let us not go back to those times, but move forward with abundance, freedom, and the right to work to help others as our abilities allow without undue burden. Here I am, sitting in the sun enjoying these. Thankful and blessed. Happy 4th.

One thought on “Find Something to Enjoy

  1. Wrong. You can actually find this in the CHOP zone Stop spreading misinformation and lies. I live close to it and it’s a beautiful collective of people united against corruption.


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