Why Knowing Where Covid-19 Came From is Important

There are some people who do not really care about where Covid-19 came from, whether it came from nature or from a lab. Some people only care about the impact it has on the global economy. But if you really want to understand the extent of government authoritarianism, corruption, and cover up, then you need to get to the real facts. Otherwise how can you say oh well this is all for a Gates’s dream of global population reduction? It just sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory. You must for your credibility to understand where Covid-19 really came from.

It is really, I would say, irresponsible to turn a blind eye as to the actual origin of this virus. Because if you do not care where it came from, the powers that be can just do this lock down again and again and again to you. And they can say, well it just came from nature!!

If China and the Wuhan lab has no blame, then they would open their doors freely for inspection. If they have something to hide, of course they would deny any investigation which is what they are doing now. The reason they are trying so hard to cover up is because the road would lead to Fauci and probably Gates, and then the loss of face for the Chinese, loss of a lot of money, loss of lives at the highest levels.

Look, I have a lot of Chinese friends. I am Asian and people even mistake me for being Chinese. So OBVIOUSLY, I am very sensitive to racial attacks. But in this case, I think there is a whole lot of real evidence from people and sources I highly respect suggesting Covid-19 was lab-created and has direct ties to Fauci. Fauci, obviously, is not Chinese, but he has a lot of power, influence, and the backing of Gates.

And quite frankly the Chinese are experimenting with a whole lot of things that Americans do not want to touch because they see themselves as the underdog. If you have work that involves highly skilled labor but your own country refuses to do it, you outsource it to China.  China is too powerful now to ignore, and what they do inside their borders now affects the whole world. There needs to be a real investigation.

You have the rest of the world now following their lock down models in real Chinese-authoritarian style…exactly as the WHO wanted, exactly as Fauci also says should happen, just as Gates wants. Saying this came from nature diverts responsibility and actually makes them heroes out to protect the world.

Even ZeroHedge is reporting about the Furin cleavage site as not naturally occurring. https://www.zerohedge.com/health/tracing-origins-covid-19

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