2032-2035 What will it look like?

I have often wondered what a world in 2032-2035 would look like that would make some people like Martin Armstrong not want to be alive then…and I think we are seeing just a glimpse. I remember asking Marty a question at the 2015 WEC cocktail reception about the future. I told him that I had worked in Korea during the 1997 economic crises where there were people rioting in the streets, tear gas, fighting, currency collapse, and it was total chaos. He immediately responded that it would be “much worse!” If I remember correctly, he also said the whole world would be that way. My stomach tightened and then I had to let out a laugh. In 2015, things were fine. Why was Marty so black about the future? Could it have been because of his experiences in prison had colored his view of the world?

And in 2017 too, at WEC in Hong Kong, so many questions from the audience were worried about the future, that I got to the point of grief thinking to myself what company have I decided to keep that these people all sound like preppers? I was disgusted. My world was not that bad. Why are these people so afraid?

But I can see it now. It gives me real concern and no great pleasure. Murder bees from Japan have arrived in Washington State that eat honey bees alive, ripping their heads off and feeding honey bee bodies to their young. The honey bees are already endangered. It will not be long until the murder bees reach California and California supplies what…half of all fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown in the country? We need honey bees for all that food.

Plus, Gates and his really satanic plans to vaccinate and his digital patient ID implanted in a vaccine where you cannot move unless you have one. It is as though people’s minds have been ripped off and these vaccine companies are out for our bodies to vaccinate for profit to feed their young. It really is just too much.

Then, this coronavirus thing is highly mutatable when it jumps around from species to species, perhaps from human to human, and becomes more virulent with each mutation. Plus you have the rise of antibiotic resistance bugs.

I am not as afraid of the bugs and viruses as much as I am of Gates and his satanic plans to implant the mark of the beast in everyone, and how willingly people will go along with it.

Perhaps 2032-2035 will be a coronavirus + antibiotic resistant superbug combo plague with a total collapse in civilization and this is only just the preview. I can see why some would not want to live. But I will survive and thrive, because I have to.

I am thinking about moving to a Texas ranch and buying chickens, cows, goats, and guns.

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