Traders I admire

8:49 pm PST. Here is me and Stefanie Kammerman in 2017. I had the opportunity to have dinner with Stefanie in a small group setting when she came to visit San Francisco. I sat right across the table from her and had the chance to ask her a lot of questions, personal and professional. How she traded through a lot of personal experiences.

She is very interesting and has a very interesting perspective on the market. In her Java Pit trading room, that I subscribed to for about a year back in 2017, I saw some of the most incredible people doing the most incredible trades. I learned so much from her and her trading room.

I do not think she knows I have a link to her website, but I do know I send her a lot of traffic. 🙂 She partially inspired me to branch out and start writing my own blog as well. She once asked me to give a talk on Elliot Wave in her trading room, but I was just too tired to do it. Now I think I probably should have. I like Stefanie. She is The Stock Whisperer.

me and steph

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