Thank you Martin Armstrong


I just wanted to take the time to thank you this morning. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your intellect. Thank you for your graciousness. Thank you for your generosity and love for the world. … It is really not easy to go up against these vaccine people, and just massive corruption.

And thank you for still reading my blog from time to time.

I wanted to send you a bouquet of flowers, but I have no idea where to send it to you!!! Can you please let me know?

So, I guess I will have to just post a picture of these for you for now.

I was upset at you for being wrong about gold for so long, but it looks like you are bullish now. I was upset about you drinking soda, but you drink coffee mostly. That’s good. I was upset about you not having tea with me in Hong Kong, but that’s okay.

We are still friends. I am glad to have met you.

Cheers to you.


Martin Armstrong and me at WEC Hong Kong 2017.

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