The Secret to Surviving and Staying Healthy, No Need to Die from Covid-19

8:10 am PST. Since having children, I have come to believe in the superiority of natural medicinals, i.e. the stuff you cannot patent, over the techno-glitzy vaccines and drugs that every news outlet seems to be desperately searching for to cure Covid-19. I was not always this way. I used to trust my doctors. But this all changed after my son suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccine at his 6-month round that nearly maimed him for life. After his 6-month round of CDC recommended vaccines (now mandatory in California), he suffered from encephalitis, that caused him to scream and cry unconsolably for hours the same day he got his shots. That experience brought me to my knees as a mother. Thankfully, my son is normal now, but I swore never to trust another conventional doctor ever again. I discovered how corrupt the CDC, the vaccine and drug makers are. You cannot sue them for even death from vaccines. They are immune from lawsuits. If they are immune, what incentive do they have to make anything safe? How corrupt is that?

As a result I went on a life-long hunt searching for doctors who could heal without drugs and vaccines….and found  a wealth of doctors who do. I want to share some resources to some of their methods with you here in hopes this might save a life too.

It is really sad to see how ignorant people are of the natural remedies available to us, such as Intravenous Vitamin C, that they have found to cure people with Covid-19. I have known about IV Vitamin C for years, even used it myself once when I came down with pneumonia that I believe I contracted from a child in a classroom I was working in who was viral shedding from a pneumonia vaccine. But I digress. I have tried intravenous vitamin C and I can attest to how powerfully well it works to clean out and kill those bugs in your body.

You can read more about how the Chinese have used intravenous Vitamin C to great success that no one is reporting about here in the U.S.

In addition to intravenous vitamin C. Here is a list:

Monolaurin. Monolaurin is derivative of coconut oil found to dissolve the outer lipid layer of viruses, including AIDS. I do not see why I would not do the same for Covid-19 which is a lipid-covered virus.




Baking Soda. Baking soda, a.k.a. sodium bicarbonate, lowers the ph in your body. Viruses cannot live in a low ph envirionment.


Vitamin D. Bolsters your immune system., and read Dr. Mercola on Vitamin D.

Iodine. There is no known pathogen on earth that can survive iodine.


Infrared. I personally love using the Biomat for its warm infrared rays that can induce fever-like temperatures in your body that cleans and detoxes.

Intravenous Vitamin C.


C60. The most powerful antioxidant on earth. I believe it would help to prevent/reduce the severity of sepsis.

Shilajit. Himalayan mountain goo that tastes like road tar, but has stuff that supercharges your body.

There are also a ton of other ways to simply boost your immune system in general. Medicinal mushrooms, eating well, no sugar, getting enough rest and sleep, lowering your stress levels, staying in gratitude, thinking positively, etc. that all go a long ways to keeping yourself healthy.

No need to shut down the economy over this for lack of a vaccine or a drug. We already have all the things we need to battle Covid-19. There is no need to panic or shut down the world. Just look to the list above.



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