Year-End Results

8:57 am PST. I am closing out early today as we will take the kids to see snow tomorrow and New Year’s.

The results are in, and I have to say I shocked myself at how well I did this year. My best performing account showed a stunning 299% return this year, just trading gold stocks.

Really incredible. Thanks to all who subscribed in 2019. I hope you did well too.

A 299% return on investment will prove tough for me to beat for next year! But I certainly will work to beat it! And I did this while running a flower business in Silicon Valley. I gotta tell ya, sometimes it is good to distract yourself from sitting in front of your computer screen watching every tick….because the market really is a waiting game, but when it moves, you have to get on the train because it will not wait for you.

And this year marks the three-year anniversary of! Happy New Year Everyone!

Here’s me at a wedding I designed over the summer. 🙂

me at carols wedding

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